if you gotta go, then go… then GO

I am disdainful of women who take a long time in the bathroom. It falls under my general irritation: people who move too slow (for me). I am all about stopping and smelling the roses, but there are times when it just outrageous.

Anyway, back to my original thought: women in the bathroom. It is ridiculous. Growing up, I always thought when I hit mysterious “womanhood” my bathroom time would magically increase to meet the “normal” length. It’s not normal. Women who spend five minutes or more in the bathroom are ridiculous. I get it if you are dropping a deuce. I have no problem with 5 min + poops. It happens. But there are some women who spend between five and ten minutes in the bathroom everytime they go. And I DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Trust me, I am watching, earnestly tring to understand. In fact (creepily enough) I just was in the bathroom not too long ago and when I entered my stall to do my business a woman was washing her hands. By the time I was done she was just throwing her paper towel away. As I washed my hands I watched her slowly put on her scarf, adjusting it perfectly (ironically enough she was going for a dishevilled look). I left during this process, disgusted at her fastidiousness. (again, it’s not wrong to be fastidious, but come on! it’s a scarf: it should be functional not fashionable [or if it is fashionable it should still be more functional, she was about to cover it with a coat, only a fraction would show])

I just do not understand how people can purposelly move that slowly. I try but I just can’t do it. I am way to active, there is so much of life to experience, why spend the time in the bathroom? Trust me, if the bathroom was the place to be, I would be there! Stop looking in the mirror, moving slow enough to go backwards, and futzing with your attire: no one is going to notice the little details anyway! Get out of the bathroom and start living ladies!!!


Pillsbury “D’oh” boy

I am amazed by the Pillsbury commercials.

Not amazed in a good way, but shocked-amazed.

I didn’t notice it until this year, but Pillsbury sells specific food to specific demographics.

For instance: the families in the Pillsbury crescent rolls commercials are white. Always. the families in the Pillsbury biscuit commercials are  black. Always.

Is this a flag for anyone else? Pillsbury actively uses racial stereotypes to sell their products. I am sure other companies do this too, but it is so obvious in the Pillsbury commercials my jaw dropped. Why is it so obvious? Well, I often see them back-to-back. They first advertise to their white audience and then they advertise to their black audience. Unbelievable.

It is intentional too. Take a sociology class on media (or any media class) and you will find out that people are draw to what reflects them. You see a representation of yourself (in media) and it creates an image of you in society. It is how we create representations; it is how we are producing, enforcing, reproducing, and reinforcing stereotypes. We hold a mirror up to media reflecting what we see and media holds a mirror back to us showing us who we are. It is a crazy self-fulfilling, self-perpetuating cycle (only broken by intentional action).

It makes me curious enough to create a study. I would love to see the ethnic/racial make-up of biscuit and crescent roll sales. I bet anything it will be each set of sales will be dominated by race reflected in the commercials. How can I get access to that information?

TSA stop looking at me like that

The new airport security measures are beyond comprehensible. We, as a country, are so politically inactive that when the government decides to strip search our bodies we let them. And if we as an individual refuse the electronic strip, TSA reserves the right to grope us.

Now, after yelling at my husband for twenty minutes I do understand some of the counter arguments. First: If you choose to fly, then you give up some rights to privacy for safety. Here is a big problem with that: not everyone gets to choose to fly. Today, flying across the country for business is a part of the job for many workers (I can think of at least one member of my family). These flight requirements were a part of the job long before these new security measures were added. Surely the government is not forcing its citizens to choose between a violation of privacy and their job security? Now personally, I can choose not to fly at this point in my life. I don’t have to visit other countries or fly to other states if the new security measures are too invasive for me, but this is not just about me. There are people, pilots for instance, who have done their job well for year and have never been a threat to national security, and now they are virtually stripped daily. What can they do otherwise? Their job is on the line.

Second argument: if we don’t advance security measures, then the terrorist will eventually find a way to get around them. So instead of screening likely suspects (lets face it, big brother has profiled most “terrorists” already based on phone calls and emails, all in the name of national security), the government has decided to treat all citizens equally: we are all potential terrorists. This shows a complete break down of trust between the government and its citizens. How is targeting everyone serving the interest of anyone? It seems to me the increased security measures have helped to prevent many terrorist attack already. I don’t know how much more effective these new scanners are. Terrorist are always going to terrorize; it is kind of their life ambition. As a country, we cannot allow this terror to rule our lives. We cannot assume that on every flight there is someone trying to commit an act of terror. There needs to be some belief in the good of man.

Now this is not to say we shouldn’t take precautions. There are plenty of precautionary measures in place that have done an excellent job preventing any more terrorist attacks in the United States. In fact, the scariest threat of terrorism I have faced in recent days was earlier this fall when a terrorist was caught placing what he thought was a bomb in a Wrigleyville trash can here in Chicago. Now this was a government frame job: the purpose was to see how far this extremist would go without putting anyone in harms way. They apprehended the man; successfully stopping any terrorist attacks he may have committed in the future. Now I have several problems with this (it feels very “Minority Report”/entrapment to me), but the point is, most threats from terrorist in the United States are coming from the ground. The two men from Yemen who were caught doing a practice run, were focusing on a European target. But guess what, we caught them before anything happened: the security in place was successful.; maybe not flawless but it did the job.

Third argument my husband made was there is nothing we can do about it. This argument made me furious. Write a letter to your senators, your representatives, and your president! Start a petition. Tweet in protest. Send out mass texts about how wrong it is. Start a Facebook group. Hold a rally. Vote. This is your government. It is for the people. If the people don’t particularly like having to suffer through naked body scans or serious frisking, then they have a right to do something about it. If people make waves, something will happen.

Fourth argument was the scanners do not take pictures. That’s not my point. My point is, aside from my husband, no one should be allowed to see me naked or feel me up. I should have some rights over my body and these rights should not be denied when I go to an airport. Humans have dignity owed to them just due to being human. TSA viewing my body is humiliating. My government has decided that I –a voting, honest, hardworking citizen– am a threat to national security. And so are you. How do you defend against that? Maybe part of the reason we feel like we can’t do anything is due to the government taking away our human dignity. We have certain unalienable rights and these shouldn’t be suspended because of the fanatics in our society.

The simple solution: Terrorists knock it off!

Clearly this will not happen, so the other solution is to stand up for your rights, believe that most people are good, and not let the government continue to invade our privacy!

It’s the Season

To ask for donations. Hello blogger world. I am participating in Climb for a Cure 2011 in Minneapolis on Feb. 5th. This climb supports cystic fibrosis research. Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a recessive genetic disorder that 30,000 Americans are living with today (70,00 ww) (CFF); including two of my siblings. This year my family made the decision to pull out all the stops. Our team goal is $3,000, but, when adding all the individual goals together, we are really aiming for closer to $6,000. If you want to know more about CF or are interested in making a donation click here.

Thank you so much for your generosity and, don’t worry, there will be periodical updates about the climb and how close we are to our goal!

My Family Journal

Now that I know how to get the most views on my blog, expect more pictures in the future.

My husband and I started something new today. It is incredibly cheesy, dorky, and kind of lame, but I love it and I think it will be a great legacy for our family. It is a family journal. Matt and I are both avid writers (he is a journalist major, and I have written stories/diaries/anything since elementary school). While I scrape book, this journal will mean so much more. It will help us capture our hopes and dreams. It will give us something to talk about. In years to come, when our children ask questions, we will be able to take out this journal and share with them.

So far we have written two lists in our journal. One list is places in the United States we want to travel to. The other is a list of places around the world we want to travel to. I hope that we start checking off places on these lists soon. And instead of two lists, I hope we start writing down stories and memories of the places we have been.

This journal is another way for me to keep my dreams alive. It holds me accountable to myself. And it is bigger than me. This blog is all about me. The journal is all about my family and the dreams my family has.