My [real] Life

When I was young, but not much younger than now, I dreamed. I dreamed that I would sing and dance on broadway. I dreamed I would travel the world. I dreamed I would write pieces of work so brilliant it would change the world. But my dreams began to die. One day, not too long ago, I looked into my soul and cried. All my dreams of old were gone. When had that happened? After the shock of realizing I had changed wore off, I decided to take back my dreams. I refuse to let reality conquer me. So that’s what brings me here. I used to write everyday, about everything. But I lost my voice. I could scream into the dark and no one would hear over the drone of a billion voices conforming to the Joneses; my voice fell into the void. And I refuse to let that happen. I refuse to remain voiceless. I refuse to let me dreams fall apart. I refuse to conform to what they tell me. I do not have to go silently to my fate. And this blog. This small, insignificant page in eternity is my vessel back to me.

So, read or not, it’s your prerogative. I hope you do. I hope that other people refuse to have their dreams run asunder. I hope the next time I scream into the void, my voice is joined by a billion more people reclaiming their dreams and drowning out the buzz of reality.


2 thoughts on “My [real] Life

  1. I hear ya loud and – sorry, hold on…
    (To Life, unseen off-stage left): What’s that? Oh… I see.
    (Back to the author): (Shrugs shoulders) Gotta go.

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