are we DONE yet?

To say I am not the most traditional bride-to-be is a fairly large understatement. I am so excited for Saturday to be over. I just want to be married. Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited to celebrate the creation of my new family with our families and friends, but all the details and work just don’t do it for me.

For instance, I don’t like cake. So, we are not having cake at my wedding. This was a fairly difficult reality for some people to grasp. Why should I spend between 8 and 12 hundred dollars on cake. For goodness sake. as I said, I don’t like it; right now I can name at least three things I would prefer to do with that money (I know there are more, but right now three come immediately to me). So instead of having cake at our wedding, we are taking the money we budgeted and donating it to Feed My Starving Children. I just couldn’t pull a Marie Antoinette.

Also, I have 8 brideswomen. And I wish I could have more! The women standing up for me are women who support me and love me and are involved in my life. There are only a handful of women who I count among my friends. And I am sad that I could not include all of them in my wedding party. Most people would see this as indecision or as not having enough “true” friends, resulting in such a large party. But I went big with my wedding, in all ways, and wanted people who are important to me to play a role in my day.

So here I am, one day away from becoming Mrs. Maria Trueblood, and I just cannot wait for the wedding day to be over (well, you know, I am excited for the wedding too)! A most uncommon bride indeed.


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