it’s a nice day for a white wedding part 1

The house was quiet when I woke up the next morning. I rolled over to check the time on my phone. 5:00 AM. What? I thought, not possible. I heard someone moving around upstairs and my nephew, Noble, started “talking”. A minute later Gina came downstairs with him to get a bottle.

I laid on the couch listening to her move around the kitchen and tried to fall back asleep. She went back upstairs and I waited a few more minutes. Well, guess I’m awake I thought. I crept up the stairs with a grin on my face. The whole situation reminded me of Christmas morning when I was young.

No matter what time we went to bed on Christmas Eve, we were always up between five and six debating over whether to wake up Mom and Dad or not. I am sure they were already up, we weren’t the quietest kids (could you blame us? Santa left us a TON of gifts!!), but they stayed in bed until one of us built of the courage to creep in the room and ask if we could open gifts.

I approached the top of the stairs, calling out softly to Gina, “Should we wake up Mom and Dad now?” Gina smiled and asked why I was up so early. And I told her: it was my personal Christmas. That’s when she told me to look out the window.

Immediately I knew it had snowed. The meteorologists predicted it would all week. How much? I wondered. I didn’t want a light dusting that would immediately melt and leave the ground muddy. I rolled up the blinds and before my eyes was a winter wonder land. The landscape was covered in a white blanket and fat, sticky snowflakes were falling from the skies at a steady rate. Our wedding day was already beautiful.


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