Wedding Eve

I had waited in anxious anticipation for this day for over a year, and, finally, it was the eve of my wedding! I crawled on the couch at my sister’s house at eleven o’clock, hoping to get a good night’s sleep before the big day. I closed eyes.

and opened them. I decided to try a different tactic; this time I eased my eyes closed, trying to coax them to sleep. Nothing. I tried again, squeezing my eyes tightly this time trying to force them into sleep submission.With an inward groan, I opened my eyes, and, realizing I would not fall asleep, I pulled out the book I was reading.

The words blurred on the page and twenty minutes later I realized I had read nothing. I sat up and glanced around the house. Laura and Matt were still awake finishing the flowers for the next day. I smiled to myself, because I knew the flowers would be perfect! I went over to the office and, what else would I do, got on Facebook.

After posting a new status and creeping on a few pages, I decided to give this sleep thing another try. I reclaimed my place on the couch determined not to let consciousness win this time. By this time Matt and Laura had gone to bed, I had stayed up way too late. Anxious that I would not wake up for hair appointments the next morning, I took a deep breath and relaxed.

Finally, sleep.


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