A Hiatus from the Wedding

I dislike my English professor. a lot. She is unprofessional, unprepared, and boring (you thought I was going to have another “un-p” word, didn’t you); so much so, in fact, that I leave class an hour into the two and a half hours. I pay a lot for my education. I don’t like that she does whatever she wants, has a poor grading system, and never makes a plan for class.

And I am not over exaggerating, she begins every class with “what should we talk about today” which would be good if she actually had notes or research on what she could talk about if no one says anything. She skips from theme to theme to theme (and back and forth between themes) so much  that it is impossible to know what she is talking about. We have weekly quizzes that are graded with a check mark and the word good if you attempted to complete them. Tonight she admitted to the class that she had not read the rest of the novel.


I am paying good money for my education and I don’t like when professors misuse and disrespect class time. Be prepared. If I can teach your class, you are not teaching at a respectable level.


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