Before the Wedding

We rolled to a stop in front of my parent’s driveway and hurried into the house. Chaos reined. It was beautiful! I scrambled to pull everything I needed to bring to the church together and then we left for the church. I think I was there for under three minutes. On the way to the church my cousin Sammy called me, letting me know she would be late. I told her it was fine, since I was already running behind. Sammy was my make-up artist for the day.

We pulled up to the church, unloaded Lindsay’s car, and, somehow simultaneously, three or four other caravans of people arrived with more things to unload. I wasn’t entirely sure what everything was for or how it would be used for the day, but I really didn’t care either. I made my way to the Bride’s room where I would be secluded until my pictures began. Women were everywhere; my aunt, sisters, friends, and cousins crammed into the too-small space. There was a constant motion to the room as people came and went that added to my mounting excitement. So much activity and all for me! Yet, even though everyone else was running around, I had nothing to do. I didn’t want to put on my dress until after Sammy did my make-up and I ate something, but neither Sam nor the food was at the church yet. All  I could do was wait.

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait too long until Sammy arrived. She began to do my make-up among laughter and fun. It probably took us two or three times longer than it should have due to way too much fun/laughter/hilarity, which is a fairly common occurence when Sam and I get together. My photographer arrived ready to begin photos and I sent her over to the men; they really had no excuse not to be ready at this point. All they had to do was show up at the church and change clothes.

I waited a few more minutes, then decided I would just eat in my dress. It was time to put on my wedding gear. Yay!


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