Here Comes the Bride

I am not a patient person, and I knew the half-hour before the ceremony would be painful for me. I was right. I was agonizing over how slowly the time moved. The brideswomen, my mom, and my godmother gathered together for a pre-wedding tradition. Everyone in the room tells a story or memory they have of the bride. It usually focuses on something funny and light for two reasons: 1) laughter helps the time pass quickly 2.) you can’t make the bride cry before she walks down the aisle (you’ll ruin her make up).

It was entertaining to hear what people had to say about me. Let me just say, I am a crazy person. 🙂

At about two-fifteen the bridesmaids went to line-up and Aunt Brenda went with them. My mom and I snuck over to the crying room but decided to move to the usher room since it was darker. My brother Jeph and Matt’s sister Emma were playing Pachelbel’s Canon before the wedding and it was beautiful. Then it was time for me to line-up with my parents as the formal seating of Matt’s parents and our grandparents began. Jeph, Clara, and Josiah sang “God Gave Me You” beautifully and I couldn’t wait for my turn to come.

Then the worst thing happened, when the processional song start (Hymne by Vangelis) my bridal party decided to walk in slow motion! I let out an exasperate sigh and asked my parents: “why are they walking so slowly?!” At the rate they were moving I would never make it to Matt. The line crept forward and soon there were only two couples and the ring bearers/flower girl left to go. Suddenly, Cadence decided she didn’t want to walk down the aisle. No fuss, no hassle. She just left the line and stood by her Uncles Eric (yes, she has two Uncle Eric). We thought that would happen and just let her be. Finally I was on.

Laura whispered a reminder to hold my flowers lower before I started walking and I dropped my hand. I hadn’t realized my shoulder had lifted so high and grinned a “thank you” back to Laura. With my dad on my right and my mom on my left, I began my slow walk down to Matt. I was focusing on keeping my walk slow when I heard my mom whisper, “This is beautiful, too bad Matt can’t see any of it.” And I began to laugh — the joke: Matt is legally blind, although he can see, he was born with nystagmus which limited his eyes. I laughed my way down the aisle, and, before I knew it, I was handing my bouquet to Theresa, hugging my parents, and taking Matt’s hand.

The wedding began.


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