Nice Day for a White Wedding Part 2

After I got over my delight of the snow, I quickly grew bored waiting for my niece (Cadence) and my nephew (Coen) to wake up [Noble could only offer so much entertainment, it’s not his fault he can’t talk or walk or crawl or anything yet. he does smile quite nicely]. Gina decided that it would be a good time to teach me how to crochet hats, since we decided to become entrepreneurs in the crochet business (huge market I hear). So she busts out the yarn and hooks and soon, after Gina manages to destroy one roll of yarn, we are busy making hats and burning time before the hair appointments.

Shortly before six the kids woke up, so we put on their favorite show (Dora the Explora: a Christmas episode in honor of the snow). It was terrible. For me. It was decided, after Dora, that breakfast was in order; the kids were thrilled because there were donuts waiting for them in the kitchen. We went downstairs and I helped feed the children.

Before I knew it, it was six thirty-five and Gina was telling me it was time to go! Suddenly I am making a mad rush for the door, carelessly gathering my belongings as I went. As we rolled out of Gina’s driving I felt a shiver of anticipation run up my spine; not to be confused with the shiver of cold that followed it. We drove slowly, carefully to the hair salon and I was nervous at the amount of snow that had already accumulated. Suddenly my wedding was becoming a winter storm. I shrugged it off, thinking to myself that it would stop soon enough– the first snow never seems to last that long. We pulled into the parking lot at the Red Pear Salon next to Theresa, and all six of us (Gina, Theresa, me, Anna, Molly, & Melinda) stumbled through the door.

Let the games begin!


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