Nice Day for a White Wedding Part 3

After shaking the snow off myself, I looked up and smiled at Lexi, my hair stylist for the day. We had done a run through the day before and I was very excited to get started. Hair salons are one of my favorite places to be. Sometimes, I consider getting my cosmetology degree; I think it would fit lovely with social work. Anyway, I sat in the chair and smiled while I listened to the voices fill the air around me. Many of the ladies getting their done were inspired by Lexi’s part up-do and requested similar styles. It was seven fifteen in the morning, the hairspray was already creating a haze in the air, and women’s voices enveloped me– what more could I ask for?

Over the course of the next forty-five minutes, the other six ladies (Emily, Lindsey Novak, Lindsey Jawish, Lindsay Pacey, Mali, Emma, and Margie) filed into the salon, some still rubbing the sleep from their eyes, others a little stressed from driving through the snow, and Jawish had her seasonally appropriate coffee.

I spent from seven until ten-thirty at the Red Pear; talking with the women, watching my ladies get their hair done, and just enjoying the time before the wedding rush really started. At one point I bombed Lindsay with three snowballs (outside the salon of course). For awhile Todd was around. And Joyce (Lindsay Pacey’s mom) and Deb (a family friend from church) even stopped by to drop off Lindsay’s make-up. Everyone was surprised at how calm I seemed and patient for the ceremony to start, and really it was odd for my character. Yet, my whole life lead up to this day. I was so ready to be married; there was no room for nerves.

Slowly everyone’s hair was finished. Gina left first with her part up hair style. Then Molly, Melinda, Anna, Theresa– all with fabulous hair: Molly was in a bun-like state with some curls left hanging out of it, Melinda had a part up curled style, Anna did too (big Goldilocks curls), and Theresa’s hair was left more down then up to display fabulous curls. The next group to leave was Lindsey Jawish (who had two “princess Leah” [not really] buns on the back of her head and a braid; cooler than I just described), Lindsey Novak (she rocked the side ponytail that was curled and crimped; very edgy, tres chic!), and Emily (who went for the classic, ornate bun). After that Mali, Emma, and Margie departed. Mali with curls that she never thought would stay (but they did!) and Emma with a pinned bun; it fit her cellist look to perfection!

The last to leave was Lindsay Pacey and myself. Lindsey had a curled side pony (well technically three) with her bangs straightened and swept around her head. It was lovely. All of it. Lindsay’s car was covered in snow when we got out there and, to little avail, I tried to knock it all off. The snow was still falling steady, maybe even heavier than earlier in the day, and it was sticking thick to everything! Part of me was thrilled at the rate the snow was accumulating and part of me was worried no one would show up for the wedding!

Lindsay and I got in her car and began our precarious journey to my parents’ house to pick up my dress.


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