Say Cheese

Unfortunately, even though I was ready for a husband, there was still a lot of time before the wedding would actually take place. My dad came in to see if I was ready, then grabbed my mom and we took some pictures together. I was relieved to have her in the room with me. I wanted her to be proud of me and her presences calmed my mounting excitement. We waited a few more minutes until Linda informed us it was time for the bride’s pictures with her brideswomen. The snow made a beautiful backdrop through the church windows, and this became the scene of our pictures. I took pictures with my almost-two-year-old god-daughter, Cadence, who was our flower girl for the day.  She was more adorable than I could possible described. She had a little white sparkly dress on with a white-flowered head band in her hair. My sister Laura had made her a little bouquet that Cadence carried around with her all day. She was a little princess.

As I said the snow made for some delightful pictures, including a few where my brideswomen are throwing snowballs at me (indoors of course). Don’t worry, none of the snowballs actually hit me, but we did leave a mess on the floor of the foyer. Pictures progressed in the hallway with my bridesmaids, ring bearers, flower girl, and my parents. Then it was finally time for our “first glance” picture. This was the moment I had waited for eagerly.

Matt and I had been busy since the Thursday before the wedding; from Friday morning thru the first glance picture we barely had any time together. In fact, most of  the day Friday, until rehearsal, and all of Saturday morning we saw each other for maybe two hours total. It was terrible! But I knew, that after the first glance picture, we would spend the rest of the day by each other’s side. Linda placed me for the picture while her husband Don brought Matt out to us. Don’s hand covered Matt’s closed eyes as he walked Matt across the hall and a crowd formed as everyone gathered to see Matt’s first look at me. Don placed Matt in front of me and for a few seconds we stood in front of each other with Matt’s eyes closed but mine wide open.

“I’m nervous for the first time right now,” Matt said.

“Why?” I asked him.

“I don’t know.” Linda prepared the camera and told Matt to open his eyes. I have never seen a happier man and it filled me with joy knowing that it was for us that he was so happy.

The rest of pictures whizzed by. Matt and I decided we wanted to try to have pictures of us outside in the “blizzard of 2010”– as my family has already taken to calling it. I ran back to the bride’s room to don my “something borrowed”. My oldest sister Gina married her husband, Josh, in February of ’05. She wanted to have a beautiful white wedding with snow coating everything. With this in mind, she bought a snow princess cape for her outdoor pictures. It was white and fell beautifully over her dress with a faux fur-trimmed hood to top it off. Gina did not get her white wedding, Minnesota was barren of real snow then, but she wanted me to wear it for my snow-white wedding. I felt like a little girl again in it; a princesses waiting for my prince charming, but I wasn’t waiting any more. My prince charming was standing next to me, grinning almost as widely as me.

The rest of pictures flew by. There was the normal hassle of trying to find people. The chaos of getting everyone in my family to look at the camera at the same  time (we’ve given up on trying to get people to smile). The pain of smiling so long, although I don’t think I could have stopped even if we weren’t taking pictures. Too soon, it was time to return to the bride’s room to “hide” as the guests arrived.


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