The interlude: from church to reception

Time really didn’t go by too quickly for me on my wedding. People often say that it flies by, but, the way I remember it, the day went as fast as any other day.

After the marriage license was signed, Matt and I joined the receiving line in the foyer of my church. It’s weird (a mildly annoying) to hear “congratulations” from 200 people. I know that the receiving line offers the bride, groom, and their parents a chance to see everyone and thank them for coming and it allows the guests to see the bride and groom for at least a minute, but I was hungry. I just wanted to eat. I barely ate all day and my mind was focused on the reception.

So, after we had received everyone who wanted to be received, I called out “party time!” and headed outside. The car, which was decorated before mass, was waiting outside the church. By this point, the snow had washed away the window paint and I think a balloon or two was lost to the wind. Still it was cute. Then a semi-debacle happened when my brother and friend told me our friend Ed would drive us to the reception hall. Apparently, it was to make thins easier on me, so I didn’t have to worry about driving. But let me tell you something about myself, I do not like when people make decisions for me; especially decisions in my “best interest”. If Matt could drive, then he would have driven, but, because i was in a dress, people assumed it would be easier to have someone else drive.

Now ultimately I was happy that Ed drove us, but it did take away from Matt and Maria time. Some of the only free time we had together was not really our time, but the wedding day really isn’t for the couple. The wedding day is for the family. So we hopped in the back of the car and Ed drove us to the Hall for pictures, dinner, and dancing.

One funny moment happened when we pulled up to the hall which almost resulted in me being angry with Matt. He was shifting in his seat and somehow a balloon bounced off the floor. I am unsure of how this happened, but the balloon popped– right on my face. The sting of the elastic slapping my face instantly made me see red. I was just about to throw a fit when I remembered Ed was there. I took a deep breath, realized it wasn’t Matt’s fault, and got over it.

So I guess, for Matt, it was a really good thing that I did not drive over to the reception hall.


One thought on “The interlude: from church to reception

  1. Ha ha ha. Lucky Matt. Also, I was starving on our wedding day. Dinner could not have come fast enough, and I bet no food has ever tasted so good as the food on your wedding day, partly because of how hungry you get!

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