The Reception

Finally we are at the homestretch of my wedding day. The party! We rolled up to the reception hall and I gathered the bridal party and my siblings together for a few more pictures, of course. Weddings are all about pictures and capturing “memories” (even if those memories are ones you just pose for). So Linda finishes of the pictures and we go upstairs to enter the hall. Since we had the largest bridal party ever, they lined up and made a “tunnel” that Matt and I ran through. It was epic.

Matt and I danced to “This Kind of Love” by Sister Hazel and then my dad and I danced to “The Best Day” by Taylor Swift. No one watched, which is fine by me!  We sat down for dinner and it was AMAZING. I was so hungry at this point I probably could have eaten cardboard and enjoyed it. Oddly enough, even though the food was delicious and I was very hungry, I didn’t even finish a plate of food.

After dinner we started the dance almost immediately. And we got our dance on from six (ish) until eleven. It was exhausting! Matt and I actually ducked out at 10:30 to go to the hotel. It was time for me to go to the bathroom and, to do that, I had to take all of my clothes off. So, I held it all night, and we left when I could hold it no longer. I was only getting out of that dress once on my wedding day.

After Matt and I got to the hotel and changed, we went to the Applebees across the street to meet our college-aged friends. We hung out at the bar for an hour, had a few drinks, and rehashed on the wedding. It was so incredible that we had so many friends who took time from their college schedules and scrapped up the money to come out and be with us on our special day.

The day was so amazing and so long. There were so many people involved who made every moment happen and every moment special. Matt and I could never have had such a special day without the love and support of our family and friends.


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