My Family Journal

Now that I know how to get the most views on my blog, expect more pictures in the future.

My husband and I started something new today. It is incredibly cheesy, dorky, and kind of lame, but I love it and I think it will be a great legacy for our family. It is a family journal. Matt and I are both avid writers (he is a journalist major, and I have written stories/diaries/anything since elementary school). While I scrape book, this journal will mean so much more. It will help us capture our hopes and dreams. It will give us something to talk about. In years to come, when our children ask questions, we will be able to take out this journal and share with them.

So far we have written two lists in our journal. One list is places in the United States we want to travel to. The other is a list of places around the world we want to travel to. I hope that we start checking off places on these lists soon. And instead of two lists, I hope we start writing down stories and memories of the places we have been.

This journal is another way for me to keep my dreams alive. It holds me accountable to myself. And it is bigger than me. This blog is all about me. The journal is all about my family and the dreams my family has.


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