Pillsbury “D’oh” boy

I am amazed by the Pillsbury commercials.

Not amazed in a good way, but shocked-amazed.

I didn’t notice it until this year, but Pillsbury sells specific food to specific demographics.

For instance: the families in the Pillsbury crescent rolls commercials are white. Always. the families in the Pillsbury biscuit commercials are  black. Always.

Is this a flag for anyone else? Pillsbury actively uses racial stereotypes to sell their products. I am sure other companies do this too, but it is so obvious in the Pillsbury commercials my jaw dropped. Why is it so obvious? Well, I often see them back-to-back. They first advertise to their white audience and then they advertise to their black audience. Unbelievable.

It is intentional too. Take a sociology class on media (or any media class) and you will find out that people are draw to what reflects them. You see a representation of yourself (in media) and it creates an image of you in society. It is how we create representations; it is how we are producing, enforcing, reproducing, and reinforcing stereotypes. We hold a mirror up to media reflecting what we see and media holds a mirror back to us showing us who we are. It is a crazy self-fulfilling, self-perpetuating cycle (only broken by intentional action).

It makes me curious enough to create a study. I would love to see the ethnic/racial make-up of biscuit and crescent roll sales. I bet anything it will be each set of sales will be dominated by race reflected in the commercials. How can I get access to that information?


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