I am an intern. This means a lot of drone work and a lot of observation. I am not good with busy work nor observing to learn. I am a hands-on, do something real kind of gal. So, needless to say, there are days at my internship that I want to pull my hair out.

Case in point: last Friday, we had our “Zoolights” trip. Basically, the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago lights up the place every Christmas/Holiday season. They provide ice carving in the park and different craft tables set up around the zoo. It is a fun free night to spend with the family, or, in my case, with our clients. We took our clients around the zoo and after an hour or so we ended the night with hot chocolate, water, and cookies. Somehow, I ended up having to fill the water pitcher. Unfortunately the only place to fill the pitcher of water was in the bathroom downstairs. And the pitcher didn’t fit in the sink.

So the first time I fangled the pitcher into the sink, wedging it at the best angle possible, and filled it up as much as possible. The second time I grabbed one of those 8 oz foam cups and filled the pitcher up cup by cup. It was terrible. And the whole time I missed out on spending time with our clients. In hindsight, it was really funny. Very much a task an intern would have to do, and at some point everyone has to do the lame job.


I just can’t wait until the day I supervise Interns…


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