My secret

I have a secret. It’s nothing to major, but it is enough to cause embarrassment. Let me start by saying: I like to portray myself as a highly intelligent person. I buy books to read in my free time like: The lives of Women in Ancient Greece and Rome: A Book of Translations; it is a book containing the translations from ancient Greek and Latin containing writing both from and about women at the time. I am also working my way through Hitler: A Pathology of Evil. For fun. It’s weird and probably a bit pompous, I know.

And that’s where my secret comes in: I read trashy romance novels. My favorite author is Julia Quinn. I own about 15 of her novels. It’s bad. I’m addicted. You know how you can’t judge a book by its cover and all that? Well, usually, you can judge it by the price tag and Julia Quinn cost all of $7.99 a book. It is not the most intelligent work out there.

And it is so embarrassing when guests come over. The books are sitting on the shelf, organized in typical OCD Maria-style, right there, for anyone to see. And, for the most part, people are polite about it, and semi-discreet about laughing at me, but I can totally tell when they are. And I blush and try to justify why I own these books. I talk about how Julia Quinn graduated from Harvard, her books and characters interact and overlap, there is a depth to her characters, and I am learning about history (did I mention these books take place from 1814-1820 in England…?).

But, the reality is, I just like to read these books. I like reading something with no expectation that I will be better after I have read it. I like having five hours of entertainment, where I can escape the world and, for a little while, pretend I am a “princess” (or duchess, viscountess, ect.). I know, it’s childish to pretend like that, but it is so much fun!

I would love to live in 1816 England, but only if I were the daughter of an Earl, and didn’t have eye problems, or migraines, or if my teeth were perfect, and I was a blonde…. Okay, so realistically, I wouldn’t want to live in that time (I like toilettes that flush, running water, electricity), but it’s fun to pretend for a little while.

So there it is, my deep, dark secret. Feel free to laugh, but I know everyone has their own little secrets, things they like to pretend for a little while: be it a super-hero, princess, millionaire, or nobody (for those who are famous). And it’s okay! Enjoy it, embrace it!

Feel free to be young at heart! You have permission.


One thought on “My secret

  1. You are definitely not the only one that reads “Trashy” romance novels! I, too, am embarrassed about some books I have on display. But they have some value to me even just as entertainment. I think that sometime I get too caught up on the intellectual value of items and think of anything as entertainment is bad. Entertainment shouldn’t be an embarrassing.

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