So, my husband and I have begun talking about moving to India for a year. This won’t happen until after I graduate (may 2012), but we’ve already started discerning whether or not this will happen. There is so much we can do in India (matt has experience running a calling center or he could write for a newspaper/blog and I could do anything: maybe teach at a college or teach English or join some volunteer org for a few years), but mostly, we just want to get some experience living abroad. We want to really emerge ourselves in a different set of values and customs and traditions and see what we can learn. Now (or a year from now) is the best time for us to seriously consider and do this: we don’t have children, we haven’t established any roots, and we can probably find programs to help us pay back our loans!

so… any thoughts? comments? questions?


2 thoughts on “India

  1. do it. you will be missed but us, but what a neat experience. sometimes josh and I still talk up living somewhere else for a year. I was thinking Hawaii though…

  2. I agree, go for it. Kendrick and I considered teaching abroad for a year or two and sometimes I wish we would have. Plus then we can come visit you.

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