Red Bull gives me “creeps”

Have you seen the new “red bull” commercial? It creeps me out every time I see it.

A zebra goes down to the river’s edge, pulls a red bull out of her purse, drinks it, and puts on lipsticks. In the background, you see a crocodile creeping on her. She then sets her purse aside and steps into the river. The croc attacks and a struggle ensues.

the commercial leads you to believe the zebra is eaten, but then she walks (on two hooves) out of the river with a crocodile purse. a voice over says “red bull gives you wings”

someone else please tell me you see how wrong this is? First, the zebra already has a purse. why does she need another? also, it’s okay for a homicidal zebra on the savannah? I get that crocodiles are not “nice” but they are carnivores.

Also, the battle scene is traumatic! I was shocked the first time I saw it. I couldn’t believe Red Bull was going to show a Zebra die on a commercial! (they didn’t but still). I mean, come on, the zebra SCREAMS for crying out loud. She is obviously in pain or surprised at first.

And then, Red Bull wants me to believe that one zebra can escape from a death roll? Not real! it couldn’t! crocodile wins that battle every time. Except here, but there were extenuating circumstances

also, why is red bull promoting crocodile purses? I thought it was illegal to kill the animals for their hides anymore. (PETA should be all over this too) Just watch, there will be a surge in crocodile purses now… i just know it.

Finally, she doesn’t have wings. Red Bull’s gimmick forever was actually giving the cartoon characters wings. there were no wings in this commercial. So no, Red Bull did not give her wings.

Every time I see this commercial, I just get seriously upset. It seems so wrong. I am sure they were going for humour, but they missed.


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