The Comeback of Fur

When did this happen? PETA, Greenpeace what have you been doing? Chicago’s women (and men) are covered in FUR!? I thought this fad had been tabooed out! Obviously, not nearly enough red paint was thrown. It’s not even that I have a problem with fur. I have a problem with the waste and opulence that fur connotates. who really needs a mink coat? It’s not even justifiable: no one eats mink.

I get the leather bit: we eat cows, let’s be efficient and use all the cow we can. But fur?? From fox/wolves/mink/etc. it’s weird and gross.

In my opinion, people wear fur merely for status value. In the past only rich women could afford fur. Now, the middle class can get access to it and somehow the mc has gotten in its head that fur = money. it doesn’t. it just makes people angry; its unattractive and unnecessary.

So PETA and Greenpeace and all you crazy animal people, stop slacking. I am sick of seeing fur-clad people roam the city of Chicago.

 I blame Lady Gaga and her meat wearing extravaganza…


One thought on “The Comeback of Fur

  1. Don’t even get me started on the Gaga meat dress! I have issues with the status symbol of fur, too. People that justify fur by saying that it’s vintage drive me mad! It’s still fur, it still represents all the horrible things that new fur represents, being older doesn’t change anything.

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