The Dilemma

For Christmas, my parents gave us a gift card to AMC Theaters. So last night my husband and I went to a movie for a date night. We saw The Dilemma (we like dumb comedies and love Vince Vaughn and enjoy Ron Howard). It had a pretty decent cast and the plot seemed intriguing enough. Unfortunately there were a few problems.

Starting with this: our gift card was for AMC and we went to a Century Theater which is not affiliated with AMC. Oops. Guess we goofed on that; as a couple, preparedness is not our strong suit. (ask my family about Christmas shopping this year)

In fact, problem two (or I guess this would be problem one), we did not leave enough time to get to the theater. at 7:35 we were still standing on the platform at Howard waiting for a purple line train to pick us up. This was, of course, after I tried to board a yellow line train going the wrong direction.

Also there was one part of the plot that I didn’t like, even though I understand why is was necessary to simplify it. After twenty years of marriage, Nick and Geneva had no kids. And there was never a conversation about why after 20 years they chose not to have kids. I know it probably doesn’t bother most viewers, but it caused many questions for me. Many questions. Such as, why were they still together if the last six months had been crap if there were no children to worry about? why continue to evade your problems? I get that 20 years of marriage is a long time, but it didn’t make sense why neither partner addressed the problem.. also how were they preventing pregnancy? was one of them sterile? did she take birth control? Did he have a vasectomy? This one part of the movie left me with more questions than it should have. I guess I just wanted the writer to discuss this (for lack of a better word) uniqueness in this couple’s life.

Otherwise, the movie was delightful. You get a few good laughs. The supporting cast (Tatum, Latifah, and Connelly) was delightful and had some of the better laughs in the movie. Vaughn found himself soliloquizing in his usual style; jumping from one idea to the next at a rapid speed (it’s funny, just getting old). James was a neurotic mess; bouncing between an unapproachable scientist and lovable best friend. And Ryder… well she had a very difficult role to fulfill, being the unfaithful women does not endear oneself to audience, but she manage to express the difficulties that lead her to her lover despite a terribly written part.

I would say, overall, it is not worth seeing in theaters. Wait until it comes out on DVD to enjoy this one!


3 thoughts on “The Dilemma

  1. I don’t like Vince Vaughn. He always plays unlikeable, gross characters. Eric and I just used our gift card to see Black Swan. Weird, but worth seeing.

  2. I also saw Black Swan this weekend. Also I disagree with your assessment of VV. I think in his earlier roles this is true ( ie Anchorman, BeCool) but he definitely develops (Wedding Crashers, DodgeBall) until he is the good guy and not sucha douche ( Couples retreat and TheDilemma)

  3. Really? I think he is gross in Dodgeball and Wedding Crashers. More of the “ew, why do you always have to be eating something in such a disgusting way” kindof gross. He’s just such a typical guy with all of the negative guy aspects, I feel like they really play that up in a lot of his movies. To be fair, I haven’t seen couples retreat or the dilemma (obviously) but part of that is because of the roles I have seen him in. In person he seems ok, he was on Ellen Degeneres last week and he seemed more like a normal guy. Just in his movies I don’t like him.

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