My Life is Not My Own

Lately, I’ve felt like my life is out of control. I’ve been overwhelmed with the reality of my situation and I have not reacted well to it.

Realistically, I am in complete control of the situations I find myself in, but practically, I don’t know how to take ownership of them. This leaves me with a feeling of incompetence and helplessness (two emotions that I do not deal well with).

I know that other people must go through similar experiences; there is no way I am “special” or “unique” and, with six billion other people  on the planet, someone must understand what I am saying.

So people of Earth, if anyone has suggestions to my sufficiently vague situation, I would appreciate them.

When feeling overwhelmed by multiple things, how should I approach it? Is it best to master one at a time or should I try working a little at each? How do I justify carving out time to relax and refocus? Should I be devoting all my energy to solving my problems? When is it okay to ask for help? Who should I ask for help?

Any advice from shared experiences would be greatly appreciated!


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