Snow brings out the Stupid

There was a declared blizzard in the Chicago area. Now, I am not a meteorologist or anything, so I don’t know how bad it really was, but I do see the effects and reactions to the snow.

Let’s start at the beginning. It was forecasted almost a week out that the blizzard was on the way and that it would hit on Tuesday afternoon through most of Wednesday. Yet, Tuesday morning, everything is still functioning, people are at work, and the world is just fine. Some places closed down early, but most did not and so people had to drive home during the early parts of the blizzard. There was a bus accident and people ended up stuck on Lake Shore Drive from six hours to all night. This is stupid move number one. Okay Chicago, when the news is predicting a blizzard for a week DO NOT GO TO WORK THE DAY OF! I know that we are a capitalist country and that money is the most important thing to you, but it’s a blizzard. It’s not a light snow that you can drive through. With winds up to 50 miles an hour, this is not a picturesque snowstorm. It is okay to take a day off work, especially if that means being safe and warm in your house.

I am serious here. There were kids, babies, and elderly stuck on the drive due to a complete lack of foresight or a misguided set of values and common sense.

The best part about this situation was the next day the blame for these cars being frozen on the road was placed on one man. I’m sorry, that just doesn’t fly. The drive did probably stay open longer than it should have, but we all had the same information. Each person made as educated a choice as the man who was in charge for “officially” closing the drive. I am sorry that people were stuck there for hours, but please don’t act like it is someone else’s fault that you chose to drive your car on the drive or that you chose that bus to take you home. There are always alternate routes. (and you probably could have taken a sick day/vacation day)

There were probably many more acts of stupidity, but lets fast forward from Tuesday to Thursday (today). People are still driving like it’s a blizzard. The lights work folks, and stop signs still mean the same thing: STOP! I know that much of Chicago is still snowed in, and I am not talking about those areas. I am referring to the main streets that were plowed and cleared off as best possible. Guess what folks: even if there were two lanes before, the snow pile up only allows for one, so please for a single file line and stop honking your horn. People really should use the brains God gave them, exercise a little common sense, or get off the roads.

But hey, I really shouldn’t complain,  I had a half day Tuesday, and Wednesday and Thursday off! I’m living the dream 🙂


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