Life is Deep Enough

There are times when I am caught up in the drama of the moment. When I look at my life and try to make little things actually matter. For instance, this blog. Sometimes try so hard to be “deep” and “artistic” or “witty” and “nonchalant”. It’s the same with photography: try to be artistic. What I am really trying to do is capture my view of the world and put it out there. But realistically, I know nothing about photography or writing and, if something turns out well, it’s just a stroke of luck.

Yet I labor and work at this “tragic artist” lifestyle. I constantly find myself trying to explore the metaphysics of life, to be deep, to be meaningful, and to create more meaning than there need be. And there is nothing truly wrong with this, as long as keep myself grounded.

Because if I’m not, then I miss the truly important events and moments in life. The moments that are beautiful without trying, the moments that are deep without effort.

I have two examples to, hopefully, explain what I mean. I never thought I would be happy to see a homeless person, but after the blizzard it was a comfort to see my “usual” homeless people. There are three who live in my neighborhood. Before the blizzard, I worried for them and kept an out to see if they were around and if I could help them get somewhere safe (even if that meant in my apartment). I did not see a single one of them. In the back of my mind, I worried about them throughout the storm and the day following. None of them were at their usual haunts, but yesterday I saw two of them out and about. I felt my body release tension I did not even know I was carrying. Someone else was looking out for the homeless and there were no reported deaths due to exposure or homelessness resulting from the blizzard. So often, I despair at how people treat other people due to economic situations, but when it came right down to it, everyone helped a little bit and the least were cared for. This saved my perception of humanity so much. Cynicism is easy to come by in life, but recognizing miracles and reveling in the good of humanity is hard.

The second instance that I want to share is the Climb for a Cure fundraiser I wrote about a few months ago. Well the Climb is tomorrow morning and I am actually about to leave to catch my bus. When we started our team and set a goal of $3000 we were not optimistic that we would reach that goal. I did not even know who was going to join the team. But we have over 30 team members and we have surpassed $6300! People are so generous and caring. I had no idea we would come close to raising this much money and the support of all our friends and family has overwhelmed me. My heart is so full of joy and love that there are not enough words (or clichés) to describe it. Thank you so much for believing in our cause and supporting my family. It is truly a deep moment in life, but it is so easy to not see the importance and depth just because we are too busy creating an image…

Life is deep enough


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