Groupon, you went too far, you really did

So in an effort to make Groupon’s terribly offensive commercials more acceptable, the company decided to retroactively insert a donation line at the end of all their commercials. Such as the “Tibet ad” which expresses great remorse at the loss of the Tibetan culture and, right before the usually give is asked, cuts to a restaurant where we can still enjoy Tibetan culture… without having to care about Tibet.

Well this decision was not enough to satisfy the masses so the company is pulling the commercials from television. Thank God! This is one of those random instances when Americans come through and show that they do care and are not complete asses. In a weird way, the Groupon Ads really let the people of the United States shine and call out that bullshit.

Still, I wonder how many people in Chicago went, “hey that sounds good,” and then went to the restaurant…

So way to go USofA. There still is some hope, our souls are not completely sold to the devil. Huzzah.


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