My Life Rocks and Here’s Why

I may be one of the luckiest people in the United States– no, I AM on of the luckiest people in the United States.

Let me tell you why my life rocks:

0.) (0 because it really goes without saying) I have a faith that sustains me and supports me through all my trials and tribulations (just really wanted to use that word). I know God and understand He has a plan for my life that is bigger than my understanding.

1.) I married a man who loves me beyond explanation, respects me beyond reason, supports me beyond necessary, and cares for me like no one else has; He makes me strong, better, happier, joyful, and peaceful. Most importantly, he brings me closer to God and I see my God in him every day.

2.) I have the best family in the world. It may be a little on the large side, but that’s what makes it amazing. I grew up with an unlimited supply of friends and babies and it has carried into my adult life. I love the holidays and going home for the weekend (so much that I will get on a Friday night bus after work, hang out with my family for the day, and then get on a Saturday night bus so I am back for work on Sunday) ps: I live in Chicago, my family lives in MN

3.) My friends are beyond fabulous. I mean truly, they are amazing. I am terrible at keeping in contact and at a drop of a hat they are there for me! (Dear friends, I do try to keep in touch better, I just seriously suck!) They support me, love me, listen to me, and help keep my crazy to a minimum 😉

4.) My chosen profession (social work) was made for me. Every day I am validated and vindicated about my decision in some way. I am happy going to my classes and internship and feel like I can give positively to society without hurting someone to do that.

5.) I have way more than I need or could ask for. Seriously, I am spoiled with how much I have: a beautiful apartment filled with wonderful, completely unnecessary things. It’s delightful and truly humbling.

So those are the top on my list right now. But don’t get me wrong, there are a million more reasons and all of these could be broken down in much greater detail.

So what are the best things going in your life? Don’t get mired down in all the negatives that are out there. Take some time and really reflect on all the blessings in your life. It helps bust your way through the weary winter blues. Also, take a walk on the rare occasions the sun is out: sneak out on your lunch break and soak up that UV love


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