i already want to quit

My job is terrible. I am a Loyola Phonathon caller: “tele-fundraiser”. It is terrible. I am terrible at it. We call people and ask them to give money to the school. I do a great job building rapport and getting to know the person, but then come the “asks” and I choke! I have such a hard time asking people for money. It is weird. As a social worker, I am sure at some point I will write a grant or present a proposal asking for funding, but, right now, asking for money is really foreign to me.

I hate building a relationship with someone for the purpose of turning it around on them later in the conversation to get their money. It’s not a fun job. I thought I would super rock at it, and maybe, in time, I will be better, but it has definitely crossed my mind to quit a time or two… and I’ve only worked two shifts.

So what’s keeping me there? Good question. My husband tells me I can quit if I want. I am doing a lot: full-time school, an internship, a job. Yet these cons, and any other I come up with, cannot out way all the pros of having a job: making money which leads to: helping pay bills, saving for after Ā graduation, feeling like I contribute to our household. Since I started college there was only one semester I did not have a job: last semester. I felt terrible. I did not like depending on Matt for an income and I feel like I have to work: it is how I justify attending Loyola.

Still, I really want to quit. I only work eight hours a week, it’s not like it’s a significant job, but it’s something. So there it is. The pull that most people go through every day: the knowledge that they hate their job, but there is nothing they can do about it now. Only a year and a half until I graduate.


One thought on “i already want to quit

  1. I did the Telefund at St. Kate’s for 2 1/2 years, and even though it was hard at first I got used to it. It is hard to ask people for money, and sometimes you know right off the bat that people are going to say no, but most people are smart enough to know that part of the reason you are calling is to ask for a donation, and if they feel good about the college they’re not going to feel weird about you asking them for money. And sometimes people will surprise you. It did sometimes suck but it was fun too, especially to hear about people’s experiences. I’m sure it will get better!

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