I started three pages!

Across the top, under the picture, there are now three new pages! Since I have decided real life is better than most of the crap I come up with, I will post my real life experiences there and the crap here! The new pages are:

conversations with my husband: this shows you snippets of the crazy and weird dynamics of my life with my new husband. Our conversations are often hard for others to follow but often lead to some entertaining quotes…

Dear Reader: which is more of a twitter-esque page where I will just shoot short pithy remarks on previous blogs or comments people leave.

Text from my sisters: just to show real life conversations with my sisters that often make me laugh and play a huge part in the person I am. Just for entertainment value.

So enjoy these periodic postings. I will try to keep a consistent level of posting to them, but if things don’t happen organically, I won’t put bogus up there just to post consistently.


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