Movie Review: Just Go With It

So on Friday, Matt and I tried, successfully this time, to use our AMC movie money. We saw Just Go With It, starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. It had a fantastic supporting cast and the chemistry among all who worked on this project was phenomenal.

Matt was somewhat skeptical about the content of the movie and that alone was what spurred me to make Matt see it. It was hilarious. From the beginning of the movie to the end, the audience did not stop laughing. I feel that most good comedies get people laughing at the beginning but the level trickles as the film progresses; the writers can still get laughs from the audience but rely on cheap gimmicks and gags that have already been done.

The actors in this film really helped create the comedy and made the laughs happen. It was fantastic. And, unlike most Sandler films, there was limited slapstick humor. There was a lot of great physical comedy, some pervy jokes, but a lot of genuinely funny jokes and moments. Again, the cast worked so well together and really made the characters come alive.

One performance in particular that blew me away was Griffin Gluck, Sandler’s fake son. He was fantastic. His facial expressions were right on and his comic timing was sensational.

Now, if you are looking for a rich plot or great content, this is not your first movie choice. There was some odd relationship between Sandler’s character, Danny, and Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). The writers tried to create a “love at first sight” relationship between the two, but never fully developed it. To me, it came off as a young women ready to jump into a relationship. She met his “ex-wife” the second time they went out and his “kids” the third time. Then, they all went to Hawaii for the weekend a short time later. It was really weird and not well addressed.

However, if you like a good comedy, I would definitely recommend seeing this movie in theater. I know it’s going on my “to own” list.


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