My Family

So I noticed in my “About Me” section that I failed to mention my impressive heritage. Granted, much of my audience is my family, but they still deserve a shout out. My family does define me. There is no way I can explain my family or how my family has shaped me in just one post. Or if I did, it would be the post that never ended. So I will spread the epic out over three or four posts. I am sorry if you aren’t interested in hearing about my family, but it is my blog so you don’t really get a say (except in the “comments” box).

I am the sixth daughter of thirteen children from parents who are each one of nine. My parents both grew up in Foley, MN, a small town outside of St. Cloud, MN. They are true childhood sweethearts– meeting at age seven and marrying at age twenty-one. Thirty-five years later, their love is an example for their children and a reflection of the love of their parents.

In order to know me, it is important to know my family. I cannot tell my story without sharing their stories too. So, over the next few days/weeks, look for some true love stories.


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