Post-Valentines Day Blues

The cheap chocolates and conversations hearts taste less sweet today. The teddy bear looks more cheap. And all the red hearts just scream tacky. It is the day after Valentines Day and the aftermath is not attractive.

The day after Christmas is in an afterglow: the remnants of joy and family still linger in the air. The day after Thanksgiving is delightful: turkey sandwiches for all. The day after New Year’s Eve… well no one is really awake for that. But the day after Valentines Day? The kitschy, tacky, hallmark holiday leaves no good feelings.

Your Valentine is no longer true to you. The “love” is less strong than you remember. And all you can think about those professions of love and forever is “Crap.”

Next year, do it right. Love everyday. Don’t wait for the worst holiday of the year to be romantic. Defy the consumer sheep mentality: this holiday is not as important as Hallmark wants you to believe. Be bold, be brave: don’t celebrate Valentines Day.

Happy Day-After!


One thought on “Post-Valentines Day Blues

  1. Good writing! I dig the imagery; you’re getting really good at this. Also I love you. Every day of every year. Happy Day After.

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