Kiss me, I’m Polish

This blog will be weird and slightly neurotic. It is up to you to decide if this blog is real or fake; if I truly believe it.

I am sick of Irish sentiment in the United States. The obsession with all things Irish is not okay. We have created this idyllic version of the country, history, and population. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love that the Irish overcame the initial stigma they faced in the US. But I hate that the Irish did it by stepping all over other ethnic minorities and treating them as poorly as they were treated.

Also, on St. Patrick’s day, I am not Irish. I don’t want to be Irish. Don’t make me participate in a holiday I don’t want to participate in. The point of the holiday is to get drunk off your ass, that is not something I care to do. Take your haggis and shove it.

And I can’t figure out our obsession with Ireland. I get that people think that old farm-house is quaint, but it is just an old decrepit farm-house and is significantly less quaint when you stay there. I like modern toilets, high ceilings, and new beds; especially when I travel.

And the winding roads, please, not romantic, just dangerous. The green everywhere? It just looks mossy to me, and wet. Pictures of Ireland always show it as overcast, cloudy, and wet. Not exactly the happiest place in the world.

Finally, Irish blessings. We overuse them so much that they are almost cliché. Every wedding, funeral, baptism, etc, does not need a “quaint” Irish blessing. Especially if you aren’t Irish, celebrate your own heritage and find a blessing from your own culture. Or just find one that means something to you. Just because it is called an Irish blessing, doesn’t make it the best or holiest prayer out there. Use them appropriately or don’t use them at all.

I am Polish and I love being Polish. I love celebrating my Polish heritage. I don’t want to participate in Irish traditions and jump on board with the rest of the crowd. I don’t like people not acknowledging that my heritage has value, and then scorning me for not seeing value in another culture. I totally see value in Irish history, but I am not Irish, it is not my history, and it does not have to be important to me.

So don’t be surprised this St. Patrick’s day when I am NOT clad in head to toe in green (even though it looks hot on me) and I am Sober Sally. You enjoy your heritage but stop shoving it down my throat.


7 thoughts on “Kiss me, I’m Polish

  1. I’m sure that a good number of Scots will take offence at calling haggis Irish.
    It is true, as a bit of an Anglophile the imposition of Irish culture is a bit irritating in the sense that nobody sees the irony when the English are called imperialist conquerors, imposing their culture, yet I don’t see anybody around these parts celebrating Guy Fawkes Night.
    As a side note, this is nothing new, following Platonism and Ancient Roman Traditions, the Catholic Church borrows an immense number of its practices from ancient Irish traditions.

    It would be nice to see some more attention given to the Poles, for the purely selfish reason that my birthday would be a holiday (and as a Polish national it’s also my national holiday) celebrated widely enough to *maybe* not have finals week co-incide with it.

  2. I have nothing against the Irish either, I just hate that people devalue their own culture by creating their own Irish identity. My brother-in-law is one of those people and it bugs the entire family. He even went so far as to have a light up Irish pub sign made with his name on it! And he’s 100% German! If people are looking for an excuse to drink, I think many cultures have their own unique drinking histories. Or the other thought I had, is that this adoption of everything Irish is a reaction to the Americanization of many cultures. People want a cultural identity, but they no longer know their own or it’s too muddled to pick one. Just a thought.

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