I may never make it to MN

I am currently sitting on my second double decker megabus o f the night. Listen to someone’s offensive music, because of course, everyone needs to hear his music. That is problem one and, when we start driving if he keeps it up, I will say something. It is rude and loud.

I just spent the last hour on a broken bus waiting for the new bus. This was after jockeying for a seat on the first bus and leaving an hour late to sit behind someone who didn’t realize their seat was broken and inclined into my husband’s lap (it was initially my lap but my husband was amazing enough to switch with me.)

Half an hour into the journey, the bus broke down. Or was about to. I am not really sure what happened but we had to stop as a result. And, although the bus is reloaded, we are still not moving. For some reason, there are not enough seats left for people. At least two passengers do not have a seat.

And the music, the damn music. If he doesn’t turn that shit off, I won’t keep my shit together.

Megabus has been doing well lately: early for most arrivals, good passengers, nice drivers, but tonight the full moon has all the crazies out. My tolerance threshold is low tonight and megabus is not helping.

Ps the music guy is now angry and now I won’t say a word. For my safety. How far until the state line?

Oh good there is literally a fight happening right now, around me.


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