Maria Struggles with Backpacks

Is it possible to wear a backpack wrong? If it is, I do. Either that or the backpacks I own are defective. Maybe it is just that I have too much booty for a backpack.

Let me explain.

My backpacks never sit flat on my back. They always curve and it drives me nuts when I am walking. What causes that? Am I loading my backpack the wrong way? Does my butt act a shelf so the backpack cannot stretch out to full length? Are my shoulder straps too loose?

It is a puzzle for me. Maybe my back is not shaped to wear a backpack…maybe backpacks everywhere conspire against me. Somebody help! I cannot handle the curve in my backpack that keeps it from laying flat on my back and causes it to thump against my lower back uncomfortably. So far the only solution I have ever come across is to pull my straps forward. It is a problem.


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