The second half

The relationship between older siblings and younger siblings is interesting. Growing up, nd even into adulthood, older sibs feel a certain responsibility to their younger siblings. My relationship to my elder siblings is one of hero-worship. I tagged along with them and wanted to be them. I could not wait to do everything they did. I am sure I was a pest, because often that is how I viewed my younger siblings.

I loved them when they were babies but at soon as they could walk it seemed like the younger ones were always in my business. Anna was probably the worst. I did not like her very much growing up. She never had to clean our room, she always got out of chores, and she got to eat whatever she wanted: as I grew up, I understood it was due to her having cystic fibrosis. She had to eat fatty foods to keep up her weight, and, while we were all goofing around during chores, she was often alone with one parent or the other doing her treatments. The reason she got out of cleaning our room, though, had nothing to do with CF, dad just had a soft spot for her. Even though there were many fights between us, I still had her back. I remember one time, we had the terrible baby-sitter who brought her awful daughter with her to work. We had to be nice to her but she was terrible. One day she was making fun of Anna and bullying her and I was fed up. So I pushed her. Hard. And maybe there was a bench placed behind her that she fell over, I am not saying there was, but there was. And she fell hard. Of course that was not a wise plan, because the girl went upstairs to her mom. Anna and I were sent to our room until our mom got home. Let me tell you, when mom got home I proudly told her what happened. Nobody gets to bully my family, nobody.

When Molly came along she kind of took over my place as cute sunny child. I was phasing out of the cute phase anyway, but that didn’t make it easier. She was the cutest baby. And her baby fat stayed with her through elementary school which was adorable. She hated it. There was a time when I really didn’t like her too. My godfather had an inside joke with her and, when we saw them, he would pay more attention to Molly than me. I guess I had a lot of sibling rivalry with my closest younger siblings. It is hard getting edged out but it happened quickly in our family. Anyway, those two always were really close as a result.

By the time Melinda came around, I was at a better age and could appreciate having a new baby around. She was called Baby Joy, but really she just used her cuteness to be a little devil. Or she was a little devil but she was so cute we let it go. The point: Melinda was a trouble-maker; intentional or unintentional that’s just who she was. When Mel was younger, we taught her a lot of little catch phrases. She used to do the cutest accents and so, by age two, we had worked out a little routine with her. It was hilarious. She was like a trained monkey. It was awesome. Why did she grow up?

Jephtha is next. He’s alright I guess. He is a teenager now. like hardcore. But when he was little he had this serious fro going on with just massive amounts of curls. It was awesome. That might be all I have to say about Jeph….

No just kidding. He is a hoot. When he was little, he was Theresa’s favorite and Theresa was his favorite. It was due to a lot of bribery on Theresa’s part. He also has CF, but it didn’t affect me the same way as Anna. When he got special foods, I didn’t feel left out. This is for two reasons: 1) I was used to Anna already getting special stuff 2.) he was so much younger than me and I was older, so I didn’t feel like I was being shafted.

Clara is next. She is the youngest girl. And, due to being six years younger than Melinda and surrounded by boys, she is our little princess. We loved dressing her in the most girly clothes and always had fun making her look pretty. But it turns out, clothes do not decide personality (thank goodness) and she is one tough little cookie. Seriously, she’ll take you out! She and I write letters now, which is super awesome since she is only ten and I live in Chicago. We don’t get to see each other that much, and it kind of sucks not being a part of her life. The letters make it easier and it is just fun getting real mail for a change.

Josiah is nine (today) and has the worst temper. My mom says he has a temper like my Uncle Mark and my sister Theresa. It is really easy to set him off and it takes a long time to get him to calm down. He is also not very rational, which makes the situation more difficult. But, Theresa and Uncle Mark are both functioning members of society, and so I know Josiah will be fine. Aside from his temper, he pretty much rocks. He has an amazing imagination and, according to mom, it was difficult to keep up with him when he was younger. His games always have intricate rules, levels, and “powers”. If you wanna play in his league, you gotta bring your game face.

Last, and the shortest, is Caine. Caine turned seven in December. When I left for college, Caine was three years old. Probably the hardest part about being away for college is missing out on watching my younger siblings grow up. I tried writing Caine letters, but that was a fail, he is still too young. We try to talk on the phone, but he has a short attention span, and, like most of us at his age, he has serious annunciation problems which makes understanding him difficult. Still we manage to keep in touch. He acts very old for his age, because he is around a lot of adults a lot of the time. Especially before he went to school, his sense of humor was almost sarcastic and very adult. He is our little man.

And thus sums up my family. I tried to depict my perception of the relationship between my siblings and myself (not always directly). But don’t worry, this is not the end of my tales about my family. I just told you who everyone was, but I did not tell you tales of what we all did. So the saga continues.


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