Lindsey wants me to call this post “the outlaws” I think that’s lame

So my family has grown quite a lot in the last six years. I have three new brothers and two new sisters.

My sister Gina married her husband, Josh, on February 5th 2005. Josh is great. He grew up playing with cow pies. Also he is kind of a genius. I remember meeting him when I visited Gina at school. He lived off campus in an apartment with his friend Barry. I thought it was cool, he was one of the first people I knew who had an apartment! I know I am weird, but whatever. Now, it feels like he’s been in the family forever. In fact, my youngest brother Caine doesn’t have any memories of life without Josh. Gina and Josh currently have three rocking kids: Coen “CoCo Bean”, Cadence “C-Diddy”, and Noble. Coen and Cadence are both little blonde blue-eyed kids, and Noble is this kick-ass-normal-size-almost-as heavy-as-Cadence-ginger. The Andersland kids rock. Coen is the oldest grandkid in the family which makes him the super boss. Cadence is my god-daughter and first granddaughter in the family which means she is also super special. Another perk with these two is they are four and two which means they actually interact, play, and talk– making them infinitely more fun than new borns that just poop and eat (sorry Kennedy, I love you, but you’re boring). Noble is this little ball of sunshine; really easy-going and used to older siblings stealing attention and toys from him.

Matt is married to Laura as I mentioned in an earlier post. Laura is really cool: like I-want-to-live-my-life-like-she-does cool. She is like this tall lanky thang who is super fashionable and has rocking hair. Laura grew up on a farm (I’ve never asked, but maybe she played with cow pies too!) and has super awesome parents and a really great family. Right now, Matt and Laura have one kid and are expecting their second due next fall. Camden “Camie Cam!” (said like flava flav) is a year and a half. He is a spunky little kid. Like seriously quirky. It’s awesome. He is also reaching optimal small child age where interaction, play, and talk happen. It’s delightful.

Emily is married to Eric Peterson, the distinction is needed because we have two Erics now. Eric and Em were high school sweethearts of sorts. I mean they dated, then they didn’t, then Eric wanted to be a priest, then they dated again. Eric grew up really close to us, but didn’t go to the same schools as us and we didn’t even know about him until Emily was a sophomore. Now he’s our brother. They have a daughter: Charlotte “Chuck” is six months old. She is awesome. Seriously, if you see her, you would totally say she’s a Chuck. She is spunky. She looks a lot like her dad, but don’t worry it’s cute. Six months is also a good age, but still a little on the boring side. Right now she is going through her first individuation period and is having serious stranger danger. I hope it passes soon.

Kendrick is married to Lindsey (yes, the Lindsey from the title and the post “Messing with Lindsey”). She is nice. She jumped into the whole big family thing right away, it’s cool. Plus I really like her parents too (mostly because she is mean to her mom so I feel protective of Barb, I don’t like when people get picked on). Oh a really fun trick with Lindsey: give her a baby and walk away– the smaller they are the funnier it is. Yeah, we get along really well; we text a lot too. They don’t have any kids right now, but are in the process of looking for a three bedroom house (what do you think two people need all those bedrooms for? [babies!]).

Theresa is married to Eric “Moose”. Eric and Theresa are like this epic couple. On and off since eighth grade, it has been and continues to be a roller coaster ride for everyone involved. Eric is great. He is really kind-hearted but tries to hide it with his odd sense of humor. Some of my first memories of this guy are stories from when my mom substitute taught. She would essentially put him in the corner when he was misbehaving. He terrorized my mom– out of love(it was his middle school plan to woo Theresa). They have two kids: Leopold “Leo” and Kennedy “TBD”. Leo is old, like two and a half or something. He is hilarious. He picks up on things so quickly and he is a great learner. His new thing is to tell you he is “sticking it to the man”, but one time, he accidentally said he was “sticking it in the man”. I almost choked on a chip. Kennedy is new. Like really new. She was born in January. She is really cute but doesn’t do much yet, so there is not a lot to report on her. Except that she is my god-daughter and she did just have her baby exorcism (aka baptism). So that was lovely.

I married Matt Trueblood. He is probably the best addition to our family. He rocks. He is so funny and smart and rocks at trivia games. He is nice and generous and patient. Also, he had the good sense to marry me! So you know he is a winner. Going to stop the rumors here: We have no kids, and we are not pregnant.

Finally, there is JC who is engaged to Anna. The date is set for August 18th 2012. JC is a good sort. He is really supportive of Anna as she struggles with CF and is dedicating his life to help find a cure. He tries to experience what she goes as much as he can. It’s good. He is also really artistic which I  think is neat. We don’t have too many artists in the family. Some of us are kind of crafty, and Clara is artistic but otherwise not a lot of room for the arts.

And that is the current status of my family. I hope you enjoyed reading about the people who shaped me and the way I was raised. There are always more stories to tell, but I think that’s enough for now.


3 thoughts on “Lindsey wants me to call this post “the outlaws” I think that’s lame

  1. I hope Charlotte’s stranger danger passes soon too. Especially after Tiffany’s shower today. It was intense and frustrating. Oh well, pretty much every baby goes through it, and with our family I know she’ll get over it eventually!

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