Messing with Lindsey

So I am somewhat a prankster. I love to cause mischief and mess around with people. I have an unhealthy level of child immaturity that I can’t quite shake–not that I am trying to shake it. In fact, I would say I urge my inner child to express itself when it gets the fever.

My recent mark is my sister Lindsey. She is very easy. Even though we are 450 miles apart, I still manage to mess around with her and, hopefully, get on her last nerve. My most recent exploit was phone messages. I called her up to ask her a question on Friday and there was no answer from her. So I left a message.

Messages from Maria are a lot of thing, but normal is not one of them (just ask anyone I have ever left a message with). So as I leave this message, my husband is walking next to me shaking with laugher which is when I get the brilliant idea to keep calling and leaving messages.

It was great. I think I left eight messages on her phone in about 30 minutes. Then she picked up the phone and so I let it go. I left some pretty creepy messages. On one of them, I was just breathing. Another one, I left a super awkward pause before I said goodbye; it was so awkward, my husband had to ask if I was still on the phone. I know that this doesn’t seem so prankish, but can you imagine going to your phone and finding eight messages. Then listening to those messages and realizing they were all about nothing? I think it’s hilarious. And pretty crafty for being so far away. Anyway, now I need a new trick to play on Lindsey from this distance. I’ll let you know what I come up with (or you could let me know too…)


2 thoughts on “Messing with Lindsey

  1. Other mean things you have done to me:
    1) Tried to convince me you were not coming home for Kennedy’s baptism.
    2) Made Gina and Theresa join you in texting me that stupid message about not being friends anymore.
    3) Forced me to hold babies and laughed as I struggled.

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