Worst. Student. Ever. (but i still get the grades)

I am a terrible student. I, traditionally, have not had a good attendance record. I tend to start papers the night or the morning before the papers are due. For instance, I had a paper due this morning at 8:15, but, last night, at ten o’clock, I had still not started the paper. I did get it done. It wasn’t that big of a paper: a summary of my observations of a group. No resources needed. Also, I have a group paper due at 11:30. The group part is done, but the one page summary of my participation is still not done.

Also, I don’t often read the texts. It’s terrible. I get the books, I intend to read them, but I just can’t make myself do it. This semester, I am doing better. I actually have done some reading and I have studied the DSM pretty seriously. It’s not that I don’t want to learn or do the readings, it is just I get so caught up everything else going on in my life that school sometimes takes a back seat.

Oddly enough, even though I am not a superstar student, I have a desire to continue learning. I want to get my PhD in Social Work and my MA in Sociology. I have such a yearning for more knowledge and I want to better myself through education.

I wonder, if I actually did my school work and really put the effort in, would I still have a desire for continued education?


5 thoughts on “Worst. Student. Ever. (but i still get the grades)

  1. Yes, you will. When you get to grad school, trust me, you’ll do the work. Holy crap law school was so much work. And I got tired of it, but like 6 months after I was out, I wanted to be back in.

  2. Huh. I thought it was more like a joint degree program than an actual grad program.

    Still, I’m gonna say “Masters don’t count unless they’re part of the lead up to Ph.D.”

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