My Husband is Awesome!

Let me tell you why i love my husband today. He does not know anything about silverware. He cannot distinguish between sizes or tell a serving spoon from a soup spoon from a normal size spoon. I do not care that he does not know the order to used silveware at a fancy restaurant– i could care less. But every time we sit down to eat, I find myself resetting the silverware at the table. My husband likes to use big spoons but small forks.

Today, as I reached into my bag to grab out the spoon Matt packed for me so I could enjoy my yogurt, I noticed it was a serving spoon. It was huge. And comical. I was not sure it would fit into the little yogurt cup! It made me just really appreciate my husband, because, really, how can you get mad at someone who packs you lunch? And I got to look super awesome eating a tiny yogurt with a giant spoon!


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