My Lindsa/eys

I collect Lindsa/eys. Not kidding. I had three Lindse/ays in my wedding, and one of my few close friends at college is a Lindsay. I don’t know what is about me and Lindsa/eys, but we click. Maybe it is due to my love of writing the letter L in cursive (along with J, it is my favorite cursive letter). Maybe it is due to the extreme patience in the Lindse/ays that I know– they all have high tolerance for Maria antics. Maybe I secretly (secret even to myself) wish my name was Lindsa/ey.

But whatever the reason, the Lindse/ays in my life rock. It is hard to find good friends, and I was fortunate to have such amazing sisters to call friends. Every day, I am surprised at my good fortune and blessings in how amazing my friends are too. So thank you Lindsa/eys for being such incredible, loving, hilarious, delightful women!


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