Following in My Sister’s Footsteps

So my sister Emily, who keeps a blog where she has a page about books, is working her way through the LoTR series. She has inspired me to do the same– well almost the same. Instead of reading the books, I am watching the movies (not the extended editions though, just the normals ones).

Anyway, there are many minor problems I have with the movie, but the most recent in my mind, probably because I just saw it, was at the end of the first movie. When Legolas says something about not going after the hobbits, Strider replies with “their fate is out of hands.” Fate, by its nature, is out of people’s hands, right? I think maybe the point was the fellowship had an illusion of control when Frodo was with them. Now their just three guys who know that the fate of middle earth rests with two hobbits: probably not a comforting thought as you fall asleep at night.

Anyway, the line made me laugh today. My understanding of fate is that no matter what you do, fate is control. I think there is some wiggle room, but even if the details change, with fate, the outcome is still the same. So to say that fate was in someone’s hands seems inaccurate; just an illusion.


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