Feed the Birds

So I go to school with my cousin Sam. And it rocks. We have tons of adventures together and are always finding ourselves in interesting situations. She has one of the most unique minds of anyone I have met and one of the biggest hearts. I love it.

Last weekend, we were at her apartment and watching the birds on the lake. She then got some bread and showed me a huge flaw in her building (from an administrative perspective). She lives on campus, and the school said that they cannot throw things out their windows or feed the birds, but then they put windows without screens in the dorm rooms. How dumb is that?

So Sammy throws her compost materials out the windows, and feeds the birds from there. The birds are insane. It’s like she has her own pets. They do tricks for bread! Also they get really close to her window which I didn’t like: I think birds are so DIRTY! She also talks to them (seagullese). It is hilarious.

Anyway, if you are ever in Chicago and looking for something to do, I recommend feeding the seagulls from my cousin’s window.


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