Snow White

For my internship, I work with refugee populations at a company called Heartland Alliance. I work in the Refugee and Immigrant Community Services (RICS) department in the sub-department of Youth and Family Services (YFS). Anyway, that’s not what’s important right now.

YFS puts on an annual event for women ages 5-18 called “Girl Power Pajama Jam.” It is the event of the year for a lot of the participants invited. This year was the largest GPPJ ever with 50 girls. It was amazing.

I am sure I will share a million more memories of it, but a quick memory from sign in: there was a little girl who showed up and she was five years old. We were asking everyone to sign their names on an attendance sheet and make a name tag. For her name, this little girl wrote down “Snow White” and she also put it on her name tag. I did not know her name the whole night (limited English combined with excessive shyness) and neither did most the staff/volunteers. So we called her Snow White all night long, and I bet it just made her day.


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