Man of the House

That’s me! Not kidding but actually kidding, but also serious. Matt and I have a fairly untraditional relationship. He tends to more often do the dishes and wash our clothes, and I fix things, replace batteries, and refuse to change the toilet paper roll. I also leave my clothes in piles around the house.

Although, I also do cook, sweep floors, scrub, and dust…

Either way, our relationship is kooky. I am sure most people think we are completely insane, and they are probably right.

Anyway, what prompted this post was replacing the battery in the smoke alarm. After I did all the lead up work (take the smoke alarm off the wall, remove the battery, & get a new battery), Matt wanted to put the battery in the alarm presumably to take credit in fixing the smoke detector. I said Hell no! and little red henned (hened? hen-ed??) that s.


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