Movie Review: Beastly

So I saw Beastly, but before you cast judgement, know that it was because of my internship. I took my Thursday group to the movie.

The movie was just as I expected: a great movie for high school girls. This pretty much summarizes my review of the movie except for a few plot details that bothered me.

First there were two really awkward moments where the main actor clearly did not know what to do. If those were the scenes the director chose to make the final cut, I do not want to see the scenes that did not make the cut. Clearly, someone has not grown into his body yet and does not understand how it moves.

Second, the two main characters Alex/Hunter and Lindy are seniors in high school yet are living as two college students (or older). Literally, they are sequestered from the outside world and have all the money they could want at their fingertips. It is entirely unbelievable.

I think it was a good role choice for Vanessa Hudgens’ first major role back. I also think that Mary-Kate Olsen did an excellent job, but it is a little weird to see her without her other half.


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