Gas leaks

Our apartment has gas leaks. And I am not just talking about the ones coming out of our asses. Every so often, one of our burners goes out and it smells terrible. I’m not really sure why it happens. Or how actually. Just that now and again we have to relight a pilot. Except we don’t have matches. So it is pretty humorous to watch us try to light the thing. We open the top of the stove. Stare for a little while. Then we grab a lighter. Right before we try to light it, I freak out and have visions of explosions and fire. So the lighter goes away. Sometimes we try a piece of paper. We have two pilots so we light the paper with one, and then try to ignite the other pilot. It never works. The paper burns too fast or doesn’t burn. Again, this accompanied by visions of our apartment going up in flames. Ultimately, we end up calling the building manager and making him deal with it. It is probably easier for us to buy matches, but that would require some sort of planning/remembering/organization on our part, and preparedness really isn’t our strong suit.


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