Oh shit, I just became one of those dog people

I cannot believe I am writing a blog about my new dog, but here I am. My husband and I recently adopted a seven year old toy fox terrier from the Red Door Society. He is really something. Apparently his former owners were Polish and trained him… in Polish. So I have a Polish speaking dog. He is also a homebody. So he fits in really well with me and Matt. He never wants to go for walks, at least not right now. I think it is probably due to his abandonment issues (yeah, my dog has issues…I could probably even find a dog shrink to take him to– i won’t but i could), he is afraid that if we leave the house he won’t come back.

He also likes Matt better than me. I think that’s because Matt picked him up and brought him home. I came into the picture two days later. So there is that. Also he has no tail and so he shakes his whole body instead. I think he is a very excitable dog because he is ALWAYS shaking.

Finally, he likes to go under the couch. It’s weird, but he fits in– we are really weird too.


One thought on “Oh shit, I just became one of those dog people

  1. How are you allowed to have pets in your apartment? We never were, except at one of our places we could have had a cat but we would have had to pay more (and we don’t like cats anyway so it wasn’t an issue).

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