Someone give me a stinkin idea

i haven’t blogged in so long that my husband is logged in… that never happens. It’s sad really, but between the end of school, my internship, and having nothing relevant to write about (actually no desire to write really) I have let my blog fall into disuse.

Really though, it is a pattern of mine. This is the third blog I have ever kept. I had to get a second one after I hadn’t used the first one in so long I couldn’t remember the email address I used to create the account. I had to get a third blog when I looked at my second blog, realized I had only posted about seven times and that it was over two years ago, and I decided that it was just too pathetic to renew blogging on the same page. Now, blog number three and I prove, yet again, to be faithless writer… sigh.

Old habits die hard and all that I guess.


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