I graduate from undergrad in less than two weeks. It’s all coming to a head so quickly, and yet I don’t feel like anything will change. I begin my summer courses in June and then have another full year for my MSW. It is a little weird to be on the path to graduation but looking ahead to my classes. I don’t really know how to feel. Graduation just does not feel real to me. I feel like it won’t feel real until I am walking to get my diploma. Even then, I don’t know if it will feel real…

On a side note, now that my last name is Trueblood, I will be the second to last person to have my name called.


5 thoughts on “Graduation…?

  1. I had the same feelings about undergrad. graduation. I walked, but it felt meaningless since I knew I would be starting grad. school in June. I didn’t feel like I had actually graduated until a year later when I received my teaching license, since that is what my ultimate goal was when entering college.

  2. 2 things. One, I’ve been finished with classes for a full year and I will be walking in a couple of weeks too. So kindof the reverse of your situation but still weird. Second, they actually do it alphabetically? At St. Kate’s we had a little card with our name on it that we handed to the person as we got up there and they read it off so we could sit by whoever we wanted to. Of course, I got the short end of the stick and was at the end of a row while all my friends got seated in the following row all the way at the other end so I was next to some strange girl for the whole 2 or so hours. Super lame.

  3. I had the best of both worlds at my graduation. We did alphabetical, like Maria, but I got to sit by friends, just like Emily, since everyone is a friend at SJU!

    1. My graduation sucked because I graduated a semester early, with a whole ton of people I didn’t know, not one single friend graduated with me. It was lame. and I knew I wasn’t done with school yet either.

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