More on Dyzio

Okay so I promised myself I would not turn into one of those crazy people who treats her dog like a person and talks about it to EVERYONE, but then I realized I have nothing else to write about and at least my dog offers some entertainment.

His recent caper: destruction of his new toy for the ball. We just bought him this toy that had two tennis balls on it, one on either side of a rope. He went nuts when he got it. He was rolling around with it in his mouth and acting very dog, but alas, the dog-like behavior was not meant to last. He suddenly stopped chewing on the ball and playing tug-of-war with himself. He starts munching on the rope tying the ball to the toy. Felt and strings are flying and all I can think is: great, now he’s going to throw up again. There is no way he managed to chew the rope without swallowing some of it, just not a possibility; he was shredding it.

At first I just thought it was another one of his weird quirks. He chews everything. He chewed my travel neck pillow over his rawhide. This is why we got the toy, because we thought he would enjoy chewing the main part of the rope. I was getting my panic on when suddenly he popped a ball off one end. Our dog loves balls. Currently he has three squeaky balls rolling around our apartment and now a holey ball from his toy. I am pretty sure he is a ball horder. Sometimes we come home and he is sitting on the couch with all his ball surrounding him; like he is king of apartment.

So our dog destroyed his toy for a ball. I guess it teaches us a valuable lesson. Just give him balls don’t waste our money on chew toys. On a side note, does anyone know if you can give a dog a racquet ball? His mouth is a little too small for a tennis ball and a racquet ball would fit perfectly.


2 thoughts on “More on Dyzio

  1. There’s no reason you can’t give a dog a racketball.
    Also, depending on how old he is, he won’t be chewing much longer. It’s more of a puppy phase / new home phase to learn about what’s around. Does he still have his baby teeth?

    1. I would also try a Kong. They make multiple sizes, so you could find a good fit for Dyzio. Put a treat or something inside, and it will keep him busy for quite a while.
      (Kong also makes “goo” (for lack of a better term!) to put inside it. Think of spray cheese, only for dogs) 🙂
      Hope the chewing phase doesn’t last very long! Good luck!

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